Even today, well-being is where the springs of Spa and their age-old beneficial virtues spring. 

If since 1868 you are fond of the spa baths, it is because in this preserved area of nature, the water, everywhere present, is as in charge of the force of the earth. 

Real revelation of the meeting of the rock, nature and the Fagnes, this water is, here, the beneficent element which massages you, tones you, softens you as it did formerly for the greatest of this world. 
That's why the Spa Baths have earned an enviable reputation with a strong scientific backing. 

Today, if nothing of the essentials changes, the Thermes de Spa is offered to you under a new face. 

Even more fun, always preventive and closer to the times, the new Thermes de Spa will thus immerse you in the heart of the beneficial virtues of a quasi-magic water and help you, with an increased dimension of pleasure, to go back to the sources of your well-being. 

The Thermes de Spa 

The city of Spa has a reputation for being one of the best spa destinations in the world for centuries. The Thermes de Spa showcases the beneficial waters of the region with more than 800 m² of indoor and outdoor steam baths. 

Guests can enjoy the hot tub, exercise during an aqua gym session or simply relax in one of the Turkish baths. You will also have the opportunity to test infrared treatments, aromatherapy, jets of water and many others.800 m2 of indoor and outdoor hammamsAromatherapy 
Water aerobics 

Beauty care 


Free shuttle service 


Hot stone treatment 

Mineral water 

Panoramic saunas 

Relaxation spaces with infrared 

Turkish baths 

Book a treatment 
In order to ensure the availability of spa treatments, it is advisable to book them in advance with the Thermes de Spa. Reservations can be made by phone or e-mail.In addition to facial and body scrubs, Les Thermes de Spa offers many treatments for men as well as special formulas for young mothers and their babies. 

Contact : 
Such. : +32 (0) 87 77 25 60 
The Thermes de Spa 
Opening time 
Baths : 
10 am - 9 pm (Monday to Thursday and Saturday) 
10 am - 10 pm (Friday) 
10 am - 8 pm (Sunday) 

Please note that opening hours may vary on public holidays. The spa baths are not accessible to children under 6 years old. 

Every day from 9 am (by appointment)